Plasma Cutting

RWHB ltd now offers a wide range of plasma and flame cutting for mild steel ranging from 1mm to 200mm with true hole capabilities for clean bolt hole ready plates with stainless steel and aluminium cutting ranging from 1mm to 35mm all with avalible test certs.We also have inhouse plate de-slaging and de-burring machines so that the plates are clean with no sharp edges as well as being weld ready.As well as having on site CAD capabilities which allows us to deal with DXF, DWG and NC files and including using traditional pen and paper drawings which all can be saved for future reorders.

Key Services

Thickness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10029:2010 Class A. Flatness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10029:1991. Profiling tolerance top face +/- 1.0mm. Edge squareness less than 3 degrees through part. Cutting thickness up to 40mm Carbon steels can be cut up to mm 60 thick but we can only perform edge start cuts (i.e. no piercing cuts). Sheet/plate size up to 2m x 4m. High definition plasma machine for maximum edge squareness. Full range of carbon and mild steels stock in popular thicknesses.High-definition plasma profiling has the advantage over flame cutting due to its ability to profile stainless steel and aluminium As well as providing a smoother cut edge compared to flame, hi-def plasma cutting can also prove to be faster and cheaper than flame on certain thicknesses – If this is the case, we will always offer you the choice between cutting methods to ensure you get the best value profiled parts.

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